Our values

The uncompromising defense of the interests of our clients in strict compliance with the enforcement of the law.
We affirm ourselves by our rigor and accuracy. We always seek to improve productivity considering as essential values the Kaisen principles: to know how to be, to know how to do and to know how to behave.

We encourage the development of a team spirit among all our employees.

We update our knowledge of legislation directly and indirectly produced for International Trade either by the European Union or the Portuguese government.

We work professionally together with the institutions that regulate the entries and exits of goods through the external borders of the EU.

More than 45 years of trust

Our services to companies in different areas of activity allowed us to develop and adapt by sector.


GDC – Global Compliance seeks to reinforce its leading position in the activity of customs representatives in Portugal, increasing the scope of its clients throughout the national territory and permanently providing a relevant role with organizations.

Through a sustainable expansion strategy, we intend to intervene directly in all the value chain of our activity.


The multitude of experiences resulting from the provision of services to organizations in different sectors of activity, allied to the high level of demand, stimulate us to adequate our responses to the needs of the clients and to implement exceptional solutions adapted to the particular requirements of each case, jointly studying integrated solutions that promote a greater rationality in the management of resources at the service of organizations.