Who we are

Guimarães da Costa started his activity in 1974.

The customs representative José M. Guimarâes da Costa started his activity more then 45 years ago and holds a prominent position in the area of customs, both from the point of view of professional skills, or from its image before the customs authority.

Our experience has developed and is developing mainly in the areas of industry, oil, petrochemicals, steelmaking, automobile sector, industrial and food oils, food, electronics among others.

The relationship with some clients is more than 35 years old. This ability to retain clients is due to the stability of the quality of the service, to uphold strict rules imposed by the clients` structure, to the strong commitment exercised in the diligences and to successfully solve problems arising from the activity.

The use of IT services in partnership with our clients provides them the control and follow up of all the diligences related to their service, releases its contacts structure with all stakeholders of its logistical chain and links their responsibilities.

We believe that the outstanding position achieved in the market over the years is particularly due to:

1 Our desire to be at the forefront of development and up to date in the scope of events in the area of customs/ taxation;
2 Our technical team is made up of twenty two professionals who are continuously up to date and totally identified with the strict principles and standards of performance required;
3 The commitment to continuous improvement of Client Service;
4 The constant search to exercise a major role in the logistics of businesses, offering integrated solutions with a view to reduce resources and costs.

In 2019, Joaquim Guimarães da Costa – Master in Management by the University of Lisbon and Official Dispatcher with number 635 –, becomes the CEO of GDC | Global Compliance.

We are the first and the only Official Dispatcher in Portugal to be certified by the IFCBAInternational Federation of Customs Brokers Association – a worldwide reference entity, regulator of good practices and customs competences.

For 45 years GdC – Global Compliance has contributed to the construction and consolidation of a solid and consistent activity in the International Trade of our Customers.


More than 45 years of trust

Our provision of services to companies in different areas of activity allowed us to develop and adapt by sector.


In order to to exercise their profession, customs representatives  must provide a bond, bank or insurance guarantee that will serve as a guarantee, in the first place, to the State and to other injured parties, if any.

Customs and tax legislation, national or community law requires, that in order to exercise the profession namely in relation to the declarations in which it is involved:

a  to make use of good customs techniques in the exercise of its profession;

b to carry out all diligences that are proven adequate to the exercise of its functions;

In the exercise of their profession, customs representatives must provide all the collaboration required to the official national and community entities which coordinate the fight against fraud and tax and customs evasion.